12 Benefits of Sex for Health

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The more frequent sexual activity will make us happy and healthy. Here are 12 benefits of sex for health:

1 / Brain
When having sex, our bodies release the hormone serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. According to research experts at the University of Paisley in Scotland, this oxytocin level can reduce the pressure on the arterial blood vessels thereby eliminating tension and stress. Best, do it once a week in the morning. This oxytocin release effect will remain felt until the night.

2 / Head
When the hormone oxytocin increases, the hormone endorphins also come up that can reduce pain, such as headaches. In fact, having sex is more effective than using painkillers.

3 / Nose
Yep, having sex can sharpen the sense of smell. After reaching orgasm, the hormone prolactin increases and at the same time the brainstem cells form new neurons in the nose. Therefore, our nose becomes more sensitive to scent.

4 / Mouth
Kissing when having sex can clean the mouth. At the time of kissing, saliva can clean up the remains of food contained on the sidelines of the teeth. In fact, kissing can lower levels of acid in the mouth which is the main cause of tooth decay.

5 / Face
According to research University of Pittsburgh experts, people who regularly have sex four times a week will look 12 years younger than those who only have sex twice a week. In men, the release of testosterone improves the elasticity of the skin, while the estrogen hormone in women that doubled will soften the skin.

6 / Heart
Based on research conducted on 1,000 respondents over a 16-year period by the New England Research Institute, in Massachusets, sex twice a week lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 45% compared to those who only have sex once a week.

7 / Chest
The more frequent sex, the risk of breast cancer will decrease. The reason, when couples routinely squeeze breasts, cells that develop malignant will return to the normal pattern, and blood flow will flow smoothly into the chest area.

8 / Body
Having sex regularly is a natural way of boosting immunity. So do it at least once or twice a week. The body will produce antibodies of immunoglobulin A or IgA that protect the body from the effects of climate change and infection. Immune also increased 30%, deh.

9 / Waist
Want to lose 0.5 kilograms of body fat without exercise? Simply do sexual activity six times a week in a month. If we are able to keep the dose six times a week a year, the weight will drop 6 kilograms.

10 / pelvis
Some researchers have revealed that regular sexual activity for women turned out to provide benefits similar to Kegel exercises. Having sex helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, it can even nourish the uterus and bladder.

11 / Prostate
According to the British Journal of Urology International, during ejaculation, men release substances that contribute to the growth of cancer cells. Men who ejaculate seven times a week, will decrease the risk of prostate cancer by 33%.

12 / Muscles
Sex can strengthen the muscles of the body. When having sex, we perform various movements that help tighten and strengthen the muscles of the body. (F)

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